March Happenings

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Easter Hams Available for Reservation!

  • Pasture raised and delicious!
  • $12.99/lb.
  • Pickup from the Farm Store
  • House-made glazes available.

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Early Registration has Begun for our 8k/15k Race

Hickory Nut Gap Farm & Drovers Road are teaming up for a beautiful race in our scenic foothills of Fairview’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

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March 16 Spring Equinox Stargazing Party

Join us for the last stargazing event of winter as we get ready to welcome the stars of spring. During this time of equal night and equal day we’ll discuss some of the seasonal changes happening at this time in the sky as well as the myths of some of the spring constellations and anything else astronomical!


March 24th Farm Tour

Coming up on March 24th is our Spring Open House! Join us at 2pm for a free farm tour. See the beauty of spring on the farm, and learn about how a real working farm operates. All ages and levels of education are welcome. We encourage you to come out if you have any questions about agriculture!


April 21st Fairy Party: Springtime Celebration

Join us for a magical fairy party! Boys and girls of all ages are welcome, with special fairy activities such as crafting fairy crowns and more.


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It Never Rains but it Pours

This has been a hectic week on the farm but, thanks to all the rain, I may get to do a little work in the office. Steve, the wholesale manager, is on vacation in Vermont with his family. While they’re paddling around in the cool northern lakes, I got stuck filling in for him, taking orders and trying to keep the books straight.  When he got hurt earlier in the year, I think I was even more overwhelmed, but now I’ve got a little more of a handle on things thanks to that previous experience. I’ve certainly made a few mistakes already, but nothing grievous as yet.

Meanwhile, our animals are all swimming in mud soup. The poor chickens looked comically pitiful this morning as we moved their house, subdued and huddled together under the tarp. The  pigs, after only a week in their new paddock, have made such a mud hole that we’re afraid we might not be able to get the tractor in to bring them their feed. I slopped to the feeder this morning and cleaned great gobs of mud out of the trough. Unlike the chickens though, the pigs were absolutely content with the weather and the lake of sludge that their home has become.

On another note, Our new interns started work this week! Hallie and Tina are great, at least, that’s my impression from the little time I spent with them this morning. They stayed very positive, even while trudging through pig mud in their sneakers (Tina found some muck boots in the shop soon after).  Their first day of work, Tuesday, was CSA pickup day at the farmstore, but they immediately rose to the challenge, learning the register, retail prices, and quirks of the job while dealing with and unusually high number of customers. It was a blessing for everyone to have them around during such a busy week, I just hope we didn’t scare them away already by expecting them to step right into the mix without any time to get adjusted.  That’s what it’s all about, though. Jumping in, hanging on, and trying to learn a thing or two along the way.