Pastured Pork

We take pride in the quality of our livestock and feeding our regional community local, natural pork. Our pigs live outdoors where they root and wallow all day.

Pastured and Grain Diet

We raise our hogs outdoors in our pasture edges and wood lots. Here our pigs browse on saplings, underbrush, roots, insects, soil grubs, and grasses.  They’ll occasionally get to indulge in our extra farm produce — apple pulp, pumpkins, and the remains of our corn maze.

We also provide our hogs with a free-choice grain feed to meet their dietary needs. Our pigs are fed a conventional soy/corn blend.

Pigs Being Pigs

One of the best results of pastured pork production the wellbeing of the animal — allowing the pigs to exhibit their natural behaviors, free from confinement. Our pigs root, play, roll, wallow, chase, and socialize. You’d be surprised at how much time you can spend sitting and watching a drove of pigs.

Pigs can have a heavy impact on the land, so we move our pigs among designated parcels and utilize their natural clearing behaviors to establish new pasture areas. Their bedding from overwintering in the barn we turn into compost for our perennial crops.

Producer Partnerships

hngm_logoHickory Nut Gap Farm currently raises approximately 500 hogs per year on-farm, the main breeds being berkshire, duroc, and hampshire.

To meet demand, an established producer group provides scaled production for year-round supply. The Hickory Nut Gap Meats pork producer group consists of farmers in North Carolina. All pigs under Hickory Nut Gap Meats are raised without antibiotics or added hormones.

The goal of the producer partnerships is to provide an ethical, high-quality, delicious product with consistent availability for our retail store and restaurant customers. All producers must follow protocols laid out by Hickory Nut Gap and comply with annual audits.

Interested in the details? Read our complete pork protocol.