Grassfed Beef

We take pride in the quality of our livestock and feeding our regional community local, grassfed beef. Our cows live on and eat grass their entire lives — 100% grassfed, raised without added hormones or antibiotics.

100% Grassfed + 100% Grass Finished

We raise our cattle on pasture and graze them on a diverse mix of grasses, forbs, and legumes. Even in the winter, our animals are out on pasture, nibbling on stockpiled fescue.

Our cows only ever consume grass — in the form of pasture, dried hay, or fermented grasses. At no point in their life do our animals consume grains, including corn.

Year-round production requires year-round finishing. Pasture quality varies throughout the year, depending on the season and location.

To ensure our cows are always grazing on the best quality forages, we move our cows among a network of local producers. This regional grazing model enables us to produce high quality beef year-round while utilizing the unique micro-climates of our bioregion.

Beneficial Pasture Management

When you’re a grassfed beef farmer, you’re also a grass farmer.

To keep our pastures healthy, we practice rotational grazing and intensive grazing techniques termed mob grazing. These practices maintain and support pasture forages and pasture fertility by suppressing weed seed formation and increasing soil microbial activity. You can see the difference in the soil health and abundance of plant species within our lush grazing pastures.

Our grazing practices mimic the natural cycles found in a grassland ecosystem — large herd animals grazing off a perennial polyculture of plants. We raise our cattle on what nature provides.

Producer Partnerships

hickory nut gap meatsHickory Nut Gap Farm currently raises approximately 60 steers per year on our farms in Buncombe and Rutherford counties. Our herd is comprised of primarily black and red angus, as well as south poll and devon genetics.

Hickory Nut Gap has reached out to other like-minded producers to join the Hickory Nut Gap Meats brand to create a regional grazing and production model to meet our customer’s needs. Our partner producers include family farms in North Carolina and our neighboring states in the southeast.

All producers must follow protocols laid out by Hickory Nut Gap and comply with annual 3rd party audits.

Interested in the details? Read our complete beef protocol.

Third Party Certifications

Global Animal Partnership

Hickory Nut Gap Meats beef is certified as Step-4: Pasture-Centered through the Global Animal Partnership.


Our beef is Non-GMO Project verified.


Hickory Nut Gap Farm raises cattle following National Organic Program standards and our 2016 calves are currently USDA Organic Certified.