Bulk Options

Buy a whole, half, or quarter animal.

Half Hog

Cut by our On-FarmButcher and Vacuum Sealed

Average Weight: 50 lbs at $6.49/lb
Cost: $324-389

  • 4 lbs boneless boston butt [4 lb pack]
  • 4 lbs bone-in picnic [4 lb pack]
  • 3 lbs of baby back ribs [1.5 lb packs]
  • 6 lbs boneless chops [.75 lb packs]
  • 3 lbs sirloin roast [3 lb pack]
  • 5 lbs smoked bacon [1 lb packs]
  • 12 lbs breakfast sausage [1 lb packs]
  • 10 lbs linked sausage [1.4 lb packs]
    • choice of hot/mild italian, bratwurst, chorizo, or other specialty sausage in stock
  • 1 lb tenderloin [ 1 lb pack]

Lead time: 1-2 weeks

Additional Parts Available at 10% off Retail when you Pick Up: Head, Trotters, Tail, Shank, Specialty Sausage

Half Side or Whole Hog Unprocessed: $3 / lb hanging weight

Quarter Steer

Cut & Vacuum Sealed

Approximate weights = 80-95 lbs $8.85/lb
Cost: $708-840

  • 5 Ribeyes [3.75 lbs total packed .75 lb packs]
  • 5 NY Strips [3.75 lbs total packed .75 lb packs]
  • 3 Sirloins [3 lbs total packed 1 lb packs]  
  • 6 Filets [3 lbs total, packed .5 lb packs]
  • 2 Chuck Roasts [6 lbs total, packed 3 lb packs]
  • 2 Shoulder Arm Roasts [6 lbs total packed 3 lb packs]
  • 1 London Broil [packed in 2 lb pack]
  • 2 Sirloin Roasts [5 lbs total, packed in 2.5 lb packs]  
  • 1 Brisket [packed in 3 lb pack],
  • 2 Short Ribs [5 lbs totals, packed in 2.5 lb packs]
  • 30 Ground beef [30 lbs total, packed in 1 lb packs]
  • 5 Stew meat [10 lbs total, packed in 2 lb packs]

Lead time: 2-3 weeks

Additional Parts Available at 10% off Retail when you Pick Up: Liver, Heart, Flat Iron, Flank, Bavette, Coulotte, Tri-tip, Eye of Round, Ground Sirloin, Bones, Porterhouse, Tbone

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Other Ways To Save

1. Buy 30 lbs of any single cut!

2. Pick your own Specialty Box

Specialty Beef Box includes:
6 Steaks of your choice
3 Roasts of your choice
6 Lbs of ground beef

Specialty Pork Box includes:
6 Chops of your choice
3 Pork roasts of your choice
6 Packs of sausage of your choice

How do I get it: These Bulk Boxes are only available in store at the Farm Store in Fairview, 20 minutes from Asheville. You can come put together from what is available in store when you arrive, or you can make requests a week in advance and we’ll try to get it together for you ahead of time!

How much is it:  Our Bulk Beef and Bulk Pork Boxes will range in price depending on what you select- example:

A Bulk Beef Box is comprised of 6 steaks, 3 roasts and 6 pounds of ground beef or ground beef sirloin. If you choose your contents, you choose whatever types of steaks/roasts/ground product you desire. You could have 6 different steaks or 6 the same, it is up to you, but because you are choosing the weight and the type of cut, cost varies.

3. Sign up for our Meat CSA Program!

Currently we are accepting members for our Spring/Summer CSA Session! If you are have any questions, please email [email protected]

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