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Dobson Farms is nestled on the foothills of Northern Iredell county. Since the late 1700s the Dobsons have farmed this land evolving and transitioning into what is now a 90 cow grazing dairy farm and grassfed beef operation. With a rotational grazing system,the Dobsons graze a variety of both annuals and perennials that equals out to great tasting quality milk and delicious tender grassfed beef. Grasses include rye grass, orchard grass,alfalfa, clovers, brome grasses, sudan grass, crab grass, fescue, and other native grasses. The farming is currently transitioning to organic production for both dairy and beef.

Sam Dobson is currently the Producer Consultant and Livestock Coordinator with Hickory Nut Gap Farm in addition to his role within his own business.

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Grassfed Beef & Pastured Pork Producers

Each year we raise about 60 steers and 500 pigs here on our farm but as the increased demand for consistent, high-quality grassfed beef is becoming more evident in the local marketplace we have begun to work with other grassfed beef producers to answer our customers' requests. As a result we have formed relationships with a small group of skilled farmers within a 200 mile radius of our farm who meet our producer protocol and now raise meat for our wholesale markets under the Hickory Nut Gap Meat brand.


Hickory Nut Gap Meats animals consume only their mothers milk and forages during their entire life while rotationally grazing on pasture. This production model eliminates the need for administering subtherapeutic antibiotics. If an animal were to become sick it would be treated as needed but not allowed to enter our meat supply. Growth hormones are never used here at Hickory Nut Gap Meats. Hickory Nut Gap Meat's animals are handled using low stress handling methods and are minimally hauled to one of the two nearest processors for harvest. Both of the processors we use have passed reviews by Global Animal Partnership, meaning they meet the highest welfare standards for the animals we have processed there.